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The world is full of brilliant ideas but is short of efficiently executed ones. Here at R&L Technology and Consulting LLC, we are proficient at bridging that gap. We specialize in bringing your idea to life using our expertise in product engineering and process improvement.

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At R&L, conceptual engineering is our forte. We utilize a group of diverse thinking engineers to guide you through every step of the product development process. In this phase, we focus on design feasibility and risk management. ​


We use the industry's best practices to develop designs for high volume manufacturing and production.


R&L Consultants helps clients globally with complex challenges around product data management, process improvement and many other design & manufacturing needs.​

Our Company

R&L Technology and Consulting has expertise in mechanical engineering design, product development and many lean manufacturing practices.

Our mission is to bring the right type of support for your specific needs while showing you that simplicity does not lack creativity. Let us assist you with your mechanical engineering and product design needs.

How We Work

R&L Technology and Consulting can assist your business.

At R&L, we offer you free consultations and project estimates so you can discuss your project in confidence with an experienced engineering team and scope the right plan to get what you need. 



  • Observe and gain understand of client's vision​
  • Deliver conceptual designs to client



  • Detailed 3D and 2D CAD design ​
  • Design review for co-creation and iterations​ ​



  • Engineering Documentation (Production Readiness)


Validation & Release

  • Real world prototyping and testing​
  • Implementation of final product​

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We have expertise in mechanical engineering design, product development and many lean manufacturing practices.

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